We work with an increasing number of clients who chose to 'insource' their catering. Our clients who operate their catering services in-house report a greater level of engagement and control, driving improved quality outcomes and better financial settlements. It isn't appropriate for everyone, but we firmly believe that the only barrier to the success of this model is the willingness of the organisation to make it work!

We offer a full service for clients who insource and tailor every support package to your bespoke requirements. We can provide:

  • Financial auditing and planning, to help you create and deliver a realistic budget

  • Operational review and guidance: from scheduled operational audits, to 24/7 advice and support as required - everything you would pay a contractor for but at a fraction of the cost, as you only pay for what you need

  • Detailed, SMART, action plans based on the audit outcomes

  • Marketing support and promotional materials to promote your offer professionally

  • Food safety management systems, guidance on implementation and food safety management, training and more

Based on experience operating successful catering and commercial services within Businesses, Universities, Colleges, State and Independent Schools, we are confident that we can assist with all of our clients’ queries.

We offer a full range of additional services to resolve any action points identified, including:

We have been lucky enough to have professional support and guidance from Phoenix Consultancy Services for over three years. During this time, they have helped guide us through the process of bringing our catering services completely in-house. This included sourcing new suppliers, setting up new contracts, negotiating better prices for us etc. In addition, Naomi informs us of changes in the law, carries out regular catering audits for us, oversees our menu, advises our chef, and generally keeps us in good shape


We offer assistance in resolving any craft skills or customer service training requirements 


We can offer full Food Safety and Health & Safety audits, to ensure that quality standards are being maintained

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